181, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, Warwickshire. CV12 0JP
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT When   we   reopen   we   will   continue   to   implement   measures   to   keep   people   safe   and   secure   when   in   the building,   including   staff   wearing   facemasks,   gloves   and   using   hand   sanitiser.      Some   areas   are   marked with   tape   to   help   with   social   distancing,   kitchens   are   closed   and   the   number   of   people   admitted   to   the building   and   charity   shop   will   be   limited.   We   also   have   provided   hand   sanitiser   and   equipment cleaning stations throughout the centre for everyone to use. We   ask   that   all   Customers   to   our   shop   and   communal   areas   to   wear   a   mask   in   line   with   current Government   guidance.   Also,   we   have   written   to   all   our   current   user   groups   making   it      clear   what   we expect from them in order to maintain a safe and secure environment. Thank   you   for   your   continued   support.   We   will   endeavour   to   ensure   that   the   Community   Centre remains   one   of   the   focal   points   of   the   area   and   continues   to   be   at   the   heart   of   our   community   for   years to come. The Trustees of Bedworth Heath Community Centre
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Opening Times January 2021 As we continue to be impacted by Covid 19 the Community Centre AND Shop will remain closed until further notice other than by prior arrangement. Sorry for any inconvenience