Bedworth Heath Community Centre
Determining the Future of Children’s services in Warwickshire As    you    probably    know,    we    host    Barnardos Childrens   centre   at   B.H.C.C.   What   you   may not     know     is     that     currently     there     is     a consultation    going    on    about    the    future    of Children’s services across the County. If   you   would   like   to   make   your   voice   heard click   here    to   access   a   survey   and   give   your opinions.   You   can   sign   a   petition   to   protect current services  by clicking here .
181, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth. Warwickshire. CV120JP
TELEPHONE : 02476 362512 OR EMAIL US
W e   have   a   variety   of   roles   for   people   willing   to donate    their    time    and    experience.    You    could bring    your    experience    to    bear    by    becoming    a Trustee    of    B.H.C.C.    or    as    a    helper    in    our Community   Shop   or   in   DIY      jobs   around   the Centre. For   an   informal   discussion   call   in   or   give   us   a ring on 02476 362512
New ! Line Dancing class Starts Tuesday September 26th 1pm - 2pm at Bedworth Heath Community Centre Line dancing is a great way to make friends and get fit. An ideal opportunity to learn from scratch Interested ? Then Phone Linda on 07443569891 or Email No enrolment fee - pay as you go £4.00  Improver/Intermediate classes also available, please visit the promotors  website for details