IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Dear Centre User Due   to   the   spread   of   the   COVID-19   virus   the   Community   Centre   is   now   closed   until further notice. Our Community shop is also closed until further notice. If   you   need   to   contact   the   Community   Centre   directly   you   can   email    or   message   via Facebook   as these mediums will continue to be monitored even as the Centre is closed. We   take   hygiene   very   seriously   here   and   will   do   all   we   can   to   keep   the   Community Centre a clean and safe place to be. For   offical   guidance   and   support   on   all   aspects   of   the   virus   outbreak   we   advise   you   to use      a      trusted      source      such      as      the      Governments      own            website      at w v - response . We look forward to welcoming  you all back soon. Stay safe and stay well The Trustees of Bedworth Heath Community Centre
181, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, Warwickshire. CV12 0JP